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Tips to Reduce Your Printing Repair Costs

Tips to Reduce Your Printing Repair Costs

Posted by admin on May 04, 2016
Tips to Reduce Your Printing Repair Costs

Running a business means that you really have to watch what you’re spending money on. A big portion of that money tends to be poured into printers and their needs. From paper and toners, to the repair costs when something goes wrong, the printer is a major need for any company. Here’s some ideas on how to help cut those costs down.

With so many options on printers to choose from, whether you’re a start up business or a networked business that has a lot of highly sophisticated machines with very specific maintenance needs, its important to utilize manuals, reliable manufacturers, and make sure that you are training your staff correctly. Here’s some ideas on how to further reduce your printer costs.

1: Training  staff correctly

When using sophisticated printers that have multiple uses, it is important to ensure that all employees that are properly trained on how to use it, so that paper jams, toner shortages, and other minor errors can be fixed without having to call a repairman.

Not having trained staff can result in waste of paper, toners may be gone through more quickly, and the repairman would be called out more times, meaning that more expenses will be put to something that could be easily fixed.

2: Keep the  manuals around

Keeping the manuals available and ready whenever there is a problem, that way there is no second guessing on how to replace the toner, check for a paper jam, or any of the other problems that could pop up. By taking care of minor problems yourself, there is a chance that you won’t have to call for help.

The manuals are there for a reason, and they can be helpful in solving the problems that arise, putting together a new machine, and training new employees the right way to handle those high volume printers that are in the office.

3: Reliable manufacturers

When buying printers for a company, there are a lot of different options to think of. Companies like Brother, Epson, and Canon are at the top of their field when it comes to industrial printers. With them, there are plenty of options on what size you need for exactly what you plan on using it for.

When using reliable manufacturers like these, you can be assured that you will always have parts, and if you do have to call for repairs, you will get the work that is deserved rather than somebody that will procrastinate what needs to be done just to get more money out of you.

4: Do your research

The most important thing that you can do when laying out your business needs is research. Researching the pros and cons of each printer that you are looking at, weighing out prices and maintenance needs, and ease of use should be a high priority. Why research?

Because with printers, like anything, there are those that seem great to begin with and over time wear out, and then there are those that come with a hefty price tag but will last you longer down the road. Take your business into account when you’re looking at this, and other office needs. Are you going to be willing to purchase a new printer every so often if you go with the cheaper one, or should you shell out the money for a high priced machine so that there are less problems and a better life-span?

These are all important steps to insuring that you get the correct printer for your office. Whether you are getting one for a small office, or are supplying printers for a large scale building, there are certain areas that need to be thought about, from training the staff, to doing thorough research so you make sure you get what you need, it’s definitely no question that when it comes to printer reliability, you get what you pay for.

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